10 Types Of Face Masks & Their Uses

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Government officials and the health departments have laid down strict guidelines where every individual is being asked to wear a face mask whenever they are out in the public. Both the CDC and WHO have made this a mandatory rule to be followed. While grocery shopping or buying medicines every individual should maintain social distancing as well. Wearing a ‘face mask with filter’ is not a substitute for social distancing. Both these rules should be parallelly maintained. Face masks have become so common these days that almost everyone is selling it. But the real question is, how effective are these masks? And what is the perfect mask type to purchase? 

Read along to find out the top 10 types of face masks and their uses:

Basic Cloth Mask:

This is the on the go mask. From going to the grocery store or while on the way to the gym cloth face mask stands to be the most ideal one. The CDC recommends this as a standard face mask and the most comfortable face mask

Cloth Mask With Filter:

Inside this mask, there exist filter pockets. These are known as the ‘face mask with filter pocket’. This is also known as the ‘mask with filter’. Some of this mask type has been designed with an in-built filter and some give you the freedom to customize your own filter type. Facial tissues make for an excellent choice in terms of a customized filter. 

Disposable Surgical Face Mask:

 Earlier this mask type was used specifically by medical professionals. However, today these FDA approved masks are widely used by individuals from all around the world to use as a preventive measure from getting affected by the deadly coronavirus. This mask type is a 100% disposable face mask.  

N95 Respirators:

This is a particulate-filtering facepiece respirator. They are highly effective by nature. Experts suggest that until and unless someone is in direct contact with COVID-19 patients they do not need to wear this mask type. 

T-shirt Face Mask:

This is the special custom face mask type. Multiple online videos and tutorials are available that teach you how you can make designer face masks on your own by the simple use of your old t-shirt. 

Filtering Facepiece Respirator:

This face mask is a lot similar to the surgical face mask type, it is disposable. This respirator diminishes your exposure to the harmful external agents including water droplets, dust particles, bacterias, and viruses. 

KN95 Respirator:

This mask is a lot similar to the N95 mask. It can offer 95% prevention from getting contaminated by tiny airborne particles that spread deadly diseases.  

Full-Length Face Shield:

The covering of this face mask type is both immense and impressive. Your entire face is covered from the forehead up to your chin. This is a reusable face mask. However, this mask type is not ideal for the COVID-19 situation as it causes breathing problems.

Homemade Face Mask:

If you are looking for washable face masks for adults, this is your ultimate option. You can custom made it as per your desire. Add as many layers you want, design it as you wish to, and a lot more. In fact, the more the layers the more effective the mask becomes. 


It’s multifunctional. You can wear dually wear it on your head when indoors and sport it as a mask when out in the public. Some protection is better than nothing at all, this is exactly where the bandana stands a chance as protective facial wear. 

Bonus Tip:

Always choose a mask that you are comfortable enough to wear all throughout the day. Make sure there is no gap between the outline of the mask and your skin. If you are facing any sort of breathing problem. Choose a ‘face mask with respiratory valve’

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