6 Myths & Facts About Using A Face Mask

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Face masks can prevent you from getting affected by the deadly coronavirus and that’s no myth. But, since the outbreak, a good number of myths are making rounds everywhere. Multiple WhatsApp forwards, social media posts can make you get all confused, considering the bulk of not-so-appropriate information they have been circulating. Before you blindly believe what they preach let’s talk about the top 6 myths and facts about using a face mask:

  1. Myth: N95 And Surgical Masks Are Your Only Option For Staying Protected

It’s being said that only wearing a surgical or an N95 mask can actively protect the users from the deadly coronavirus while the other masks only aim at offering prevention and nothing more.

Fact: Some protection is better than nothing at all. N95 and the surgical type provide 95% protection but are also very scarce in supply. A ‘face mask with filter’ offers the same level of protection anyway. The CDC even claims N95 and surgical masks are more apt to be worn by medical experts and parallel others.

  1. Myth: You Don’t Need To Wear A Mask If You Are Not Sick

You will encounter who has the audacity to throw a tantrum that “If I am not personally at risk of getting affected why would I even need to wear a face mask?”

Fact: Every time you wear a face you minimize the chances of getting affected and also parallelly decrease the spread of the coronavirus. Now you also get to be more aware while you touch your nose and face. When you do not wear a face you are making the transmission of the coronavirus easier.

  1. Myth: Washing Your Face Mask Is Not Mandatory

A cloth face mask may not seem to get dirty after a good number of usages. So, why would I need to wash it every single time, wasting my precious time?

Fact: It is no lie when I say that your personal hygiene is your personal business. The fact is, every time you step you attract plenty of microscopic dust particles, pollutants, bacterias, and viruses. Taking into consideration the current situation do wash your mask regularly to ensure your own safety. The CDC preaches the same. 

  1. Myth: Wearing A Face Mask Will Only Make You Sick:

As per some users, they are constantly touching there face to adjust their mask and as a result, increasing the chances of getting affected. Well, may that is so, cause you have not got the perfect fit.

Fact: Attaining the perfect fit and washing your hands at frequent intervals is the best remedy here. Always choose a mask that fits your face appropriately. Masks with adjustable loops are an ideal choice. Be aware of not touching the front of the face mask much often and learn how to properly wear and remove the mask. 

  1. Myth: The Fitting Of The Mask Doesn’t Matter

A loose mask is more comfortable and enables better breathability, now you can stay safe at ease. Well, that is what they said, and it is so wrong.

Fact: If your mask is a loose-fitting one and you are constantly breathing all the air in, what is even the point of wearing a face mask then? The outline of the mask should leave no gap between your face and the mask, this is the way to prevent the coronavirus like a pro. However, if you are facing trouble with breathing, opting for a ‘mask with respiratory valve’ is the most ideal choice for you.

  1. Myth: Face Masks Are Essential For The Babies As Well

Fact: The CDC claims that babies below the age of 2 years do not need to wear a mask. Why so? Because they are too young to wear the face mask or even remove it without someone’s help or assistance. Some may even face some breathing problems and that could be a big risk.
However, wearing a face mask whenever you are out on the public, maintaining social distancing, carrying a hand sanitizer, and sporting gloves these are essentials right now. Following these rules is the new normal but following these rules appropriately is what matters the most.

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