7 Best Things That You Have To Look Before Purchasing Your Mask

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A wide range of face masks can be availed of from anywhere these days. But, the real question is, how effective are these masks, do they really serve the purpose well? If not then why waste a wholesome on these masks. Nowadays, face masks have become a very important part of one’s life. So choosing the perfect face mask is what matters the most. Let’s discuss a few guidelines that should be kept in mind while purchasing that perfect face mask

  • The fabric of the mask: 

This is the most crucial thing that needs to be taken note of at the time of purchasing a face mask. Different face masks feature differently spaced yarns. In some it is more whilst in the others, it is comparatively less. This decides how powerfully your face mask will protect you against the deadly coronavirus. It is best advised to opt for fabrics that feature a smaller pattern or fewer holes. The harmful droplets or airborne bacterias and viruses can then get efficiently prevented from getting in contact with your face. 

  • The number of layers:

The more the number of layers the safer it is to wear the mask. A multi-layered mask enhances the effectiveness of filtration. However, at times too many layers can give you a hard time to breathe. Opting for face masks that feature up to 4 layers is apt for this current situation. This type also gives way to easy breathing and protects you efficiently. 

  • Is the filter effective?

Most of the masks available at the market claim to have good filtration. But the real question is how good is this ‘face mask with a filter’? Check the efficiency of the filter before you strike the final bargain. Plenty of masks are available who offer an additional pocket for you to include your own filter type. The most effective filter types include coffee filters, unscented dry baby wipes, and parallel other types.

  • Take the fittings seriously

Yes, be it your clothes or masks the fitting carries vital importance just after the fabric type and filtration factor. It should fit both perfectly and comfortably around your face. No amount of gap should exist between your face and nose. No potential gaps between the mask and your face skin should be entertained. Be aware and do not leave any scope for the coronavirus to enter or pass through. 

  • The importance of breathability and moisture-wicking:

A cotton face mask or masks with a blend of pure cotton and polyester is the perfect combination that promotes great breathability and moisture-wicking. The worst choice would be fleece. It does not offer good filtration and also causes difficulty in breathing. Fabrics such as polyester are to some extent stretchy by nature, it pulls away moisture, and keeps your skin cooler whilst offering you great comfort and safety. 

  • Should you consider buying a reusable one?

The answer to this question is a solid ‘YES’. You should always go for masks that are reusable. These masks are generally made up of the finest and premium quality material. They offer excellent protection and safety. These face masks are washable, easy to use, as well as maintain. The reusable face mask also features as a budgetary option. 

  • Does it compliment your look? 

Looking great is never off the cards. It can boost one’s system with positive vibes and unleash radiating confidence. As the current pandemic situation calls for wearing a mask at all times why not go for masks that compliment your overall look and additionally keep you protected from the deadly coronavirus. Multicolor, back face mask, white, and red color masks go well with most outfits. Multiple designer face masks are also available that suits your look. 

The flare-up of coronavirus has changed our lifestyle and our essential needs. Today face masks have become a mandatory part of our lives. Even while stepping out for just a few minutes or visiting the local store you have to sport a face mask. The rules are so strict that you can even be restricted from entering places if you do not have a face mask on. Following the above-mentioned guidelines will immensely help you in choosing the perfect face mask. 

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