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VivaCare USA exists for the love of fashion and safety. We believe in empowering individuality. Our mission is to be the global platform for luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators and consumers.

Founded in California, VivaCare is a distinctly American brand with a global point of view. VivaCare USA is a leading global lifestyle company built on the philosophy that fashion should be an adventure. The brand’s signature pretty-meets-sporty assortment features ready-to-wear, apparels, face masks, and personal hygiene kits. Sustainability plays a large role in the brand’s production process – limited quantities are produced in every piece to avoid excess inventory. The brand exudes a spontaneous spirit and actively redefines the boundaries of fashion, inspiring everyone to take risks and live life fearlessly.

Based in California, but always reaching new places with its nomadic pop-up concept, the collection is sold via etsy nationwide and online at


VivaCare is a lifestyle fashion brand that makes creative, distinctive fashion for the trendy, contemporary Americans. VivaCarewas created on the principle of creating impact through innovation, honesty and thoughtfulness.

With a team of 20 members, and over thousands products sold till date. We like to experiment freely, which allows us to balance creativity and relatability, and our innovative designs. Our range of products is always fresh and up-to-date. Our innovation focus extends to our operations as well. We are vertically integrated, manufacture our own products, and cut out the middleman wherever possible. This direct-to-consumer model allows us to create high-quality fashion at affordable prices. A thoughtful brand, we actively attempt to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize our social impact. These efforts are integrated right into our day-to-day operations.


Online Shopping has always been a fun and exciting task for most and more so when the shopping mall is none other than your own house. We have all had days when we have planned trips to the clothing store in advance, dreaming about what we would buy once we get there. Now we wouldn’t think twice before indulging in some online shopping. Well, cut to today’s time and age, you can do all this from the comfort of your home with VivaCare USA.

VivaCare, THE place to be when it comes to the coolest in online fashion, offers you fine, high-quality merchandise, go ahead and indulge in a bit of online shopping for men and women’s fashion. So browse through the exciting categories we have on offer from men’s fashion to basic men’s clothing as well as wide variety in womenswear and women’s clothes to the amazing range of accessories, fill up your carts and get fast home delivery for all orders. All of this topped with our exclusive online shopping makes for an exciting, irresistible and cool combo! You can even give some to your near and dear ones while being absolutely certain that it will put a smile on their faces.


Who said good and cool t-shirts have to be expensive? We bring newer, cooler and more youth oriented designs every now and then. Yes! Every day you get a new design to explore and buy. All our t-shirts are at an extremely affordable price for the fashion enthusiasts. The catch is not only T-shirts, we also design matching masks only for you. We believe everyone needs to have a fair chance at all of our fresh designs of the day.


Having to wear a face mask doesn’t have to be this hard, the face masks from VivaCare, are here to make you smile. An eco-friendly way to be colorfully eclectic through these strange days we are going through. The VivaCare face mask is not meant to replace any surgical style mask and is not manufactured to meet any 3rd party standards or specifications. It is a substantially effective contingency plan for those who have no available access to surgical masks due to market conditions.

Thank you for supporting handmade and for visiting my corner of the internet. Please message me with any questions you may have. Stay Safe!


Online fashion is definitely more accessible with VivaCare. Explore the latest collections in t-shirts including avengers t-shirts and captain America t-shirts in cool merchandise. Apart from these, the quirkiest T-shirts that you won’t find on any online shopping sites in US are showcased at VivaCare. If your wardrobe has been longing for a cool overhaul then will certainly be your best bet amongst all online shopping sites. Also, take a tour of our clothing lines to stay abreast with the latest runway trends and be a trendsetter among your immediate circles. What we wear speaks volumes of us they say. But what if what you wore actually spoke what your mood was! Haven’t we all wondered where we could get those quirky t-shirts and sport them with confidence? Sure otherwise getting them made or even buying them from otherwise expensive online shopping sites for clothes may cost you substantially but with, you will understand that you do not have to spend a fortune on online fashion to look great. Sliders, joggers, sweatshirts, bags and backpacks and so much more are just some of the other items you can grab hold of here.


We believe in creating the kind of fashion, that makes you stand out as they are in line with the latest local and global trends of the industry, but also at the same time offer value for money functionality, with quality materials and comfortable and flattering prints. We try to look into the psyche of our customers, and try to get inspired by the conversations and experiences around us while creating our graphics, to ensure that they are relatable. We believe in constant and consistent innovation to ensure that our customers get nothing short of the best at affordable rates! While most people do not know, we do not outsource the manufacturing of our products, everything from the conception of the designs to the manufacture and the styling that you see on the photographs of the banners and product pages all happen in house! We go from yarn to product and since we ‘re vertically integrated and bring fashion from us directly to your doorstep without any middlemen that also further ensures reliability because for us it is not just about the money but about building the trust and credibility. 

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