Style Tips On How To Coordinate Your Face Mask With Your Outfit

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We are happy that we have finally entered the normal phase. Offices, restaurants, entertainment hubs, and other zones are all open now. However, there still exist certain levels of abnormality still persisting around us. One of the most crucial concerns that still exist is wearing a face mask at all times, irrespective of where you are heading and what type of outfit you are wearing.

Some of you may say that wearing a face mask can make your entire outfit look dull sometimes. The question that arises now is, is it the face mask or it is because you are not wearing the correct face mask? Did you know that your face mask has the power to glam up your entire look? What matters the most is, opting for the perfect face mask. Face masks that stand to protect you completely and dually flaunt explicit style stand to be the ideal choice. Let’s discuss the tips on how you can coordinate your face mask with your outfit.


Sticking to one particular color can give way to a chic and glamorous look. Monochrome fashion has always topped the list. Wearing one single color in all your apparel pieces not only makes you look slender but can additionally make you look stylish. Accessorizing your look by adding a face mask of the same color will help you complete the look quite effortlessly. This style is simple yet very attractive at the same time. Opt for the color that brightens up your personality and go style it up with bare minimalism.


Matching every piece of clothing can be a difficult task but trust me when I say that it is worth the effort. Some of you may enjoy big prints while others might be more fond of smaller prints. Whatever be your personal choice, you can always match it up with your face mask. You can wear similar style printed skirts, tops, or bottoms to match your mask as well. Some of the top-rated trending prints include polka dots, camouflage, stripes, and the gingham print. Choosing similar printed masks is apparently a child’s play as they can be availed of from almost anywhere.

Style Tips On How To Coordinate Your Face Mask With Your Outfit

Floral Style

This style has been trending for centuries now. These prints are available almost everywhere. Be it for your bottom wear, top wear, or even your face mask. This print is more appropriate for female style icons. It helps them bring out their feminine style at ease. Breaking rules, nowadays, you can also spot the male fashion stars sport this printed look as well. The floral style is quite diverse. It accompanies along with itself some gorgeous colors, shades, and styles. Wearing floral printed masks and a mask of the same print will only make you look more glamorous. Opt for pop floral prints with a simpler base to stand out of the crowd.


There are days when you just don’t feel like dressing up. Those days often call for sporting on a not-so-attractive outfit. On days as such, why not sport on a pop colored face mask or doodle printed face masks? This style is trending gloriously. You can make any outfit look stunning when you accessorize it with a vibrant looking, stunning face mask. For instance, you can team up your plain white dress with a neon pink pop themed face mask and effortlessly become the next budding fashionista in town.

The Right Fabric

It is not always about the look of the mask but the primary concern still remains the fabric with which it is manufactured. Make sure to opt for fabrics that dually keep you safe and feeling comfortable all throughout the day. The type of fabric also determines the longevity of the face mask making it a reusable face mask. The perfect face mask this season is the face mask that carries a blend of cotton & polyester and has a minimum of 4 layers of filtration. Face Masks with comfortable fabric and filtered face masks are exactly what you need. Both men’s and women’s face masks carrying these traits together with some attractive designs are featured right here at the VivaCare Store.

Always In Style – Animal Print

Animal prints have been forever trending. Among the different kinds of animal prints, the Leopard print features to be the top-rated one. This print style can be quite often found to be worn by prominent celebrities and eminent personalities. So, what’s stopping you from making a fashion statement today? From animal printed dresses, bottoms, and top wear everything looks classy. You can fearlessly dress up monochromatically in animal print or mix-it-up with other colors or prints. Irrespective of how you are going to style it up, this print will forever enable you to look outstanding.

Balance It Up

If you are reading this blog, I am pretty sure that you would not entertain compromising in fashion but you are also pretty aware of the fashion police. To keep things classy and trendy in terms of fashion, balancing it up is what matters the most. A balanced look can heighten your confidence level and jointly flaunt your exclusive taste in fashion. How would you balance it up with the accurate face mask? Throw on your favorite prints and match it up with a similar-looking face mask, keep it monochromatic, or mix things up and make it look interesting. However, make sure to keep the color quotient in check, as you would not want to look like you are trying too hard.

Style is all about showing off your personality and your exemplary taste in fashion. Being comfortable immensely tops the list here. Choose your favorite clothing piece and coordinate it with the accurate face mask. I hope the above-mentioned points will help you well and give way to effortless coordination.

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