Top 7 Advantages Of Using Non-disposable Masks

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Whether you are affected by the deadly coronavirus or not, does not matter at the time, as wearing a face mask has become mandatory these days. Leaving the house just to run some local errands or to visit the local grocery, no matter where you go, you have to wear a face mask.

There are multiple advantages that are aligned to wearing a mask. It’s the primary shield that keeps you protected from all kinds of harmful external agents including airborne diseases. Plenty of designer face mask, disposable face mask, and reusable face masks can be easily availed of to this date.

The immediate question that triggers your mind is, how to choose from among these multiple options? What is the perfect option that keeps you comfortable, safe, and fits your budget?

Top 7 Advantages Of Using Non-disposable Masks

Let’s discuss the top seven advantages of using a non-disposable face mask:

It Is More Efficient To Be Used:

A reusable mask with a single filter stands to offer three times more protection than a disposable mask. It is even equivalent to twenty disposable masks. When it comes to reusable masks you also get to choose from a wide range of masks. You have good fabric choices. If you suffer from mild or chronic breathing problems you can choose between using a ‘face mask with respiratory valve’ or not.

Comes With Good Layering:

Most reusable masks are designed with some good layering. Single-layer, double-layer, triple-layer, as many as five-layer reusable face masks are also available. Whereas in the case of disposable face masks you do not have the freedom to choose from a variety of layering or filter options. These layerings can offer the best protection in this COVID-19 situation. 

Top 7 Advantages Of Using Non-disposable Masks

Customize It :

Face masks have become a part of your daily attire these days. When you use a reusable or non-disposable face mask you can customize it as per your desire. Some reusable face masks come with filtration pockets. Here, you can add and customize your own filter type. In regard to the appearance of the face mask, you can even flaunt your own creativity in it.

Promotes Good Adjustability :

A disposable mask comes with a fixed ear loop and affixed covering. The case is however not the same in regard to non-disposable face mask. These mask types are essentially designed with an adjustable ear-loop, nose grip and can be customized as per your face shape and size. Viva Care’s face masks exceptionally boast of these features.

You Can Wash Them :

The term reusable or non-disposable itself is enough to understand that it is washable and you can use and reuse it a good number of times. Reusable face-masks are also parallelly known as washable face masks. Sport your stylish look together with great protection all throughout the day and wash it regularly to maintain good hygiene. These face masks also get dried easily due to the soft and durable fabric that they are made of.

It’s Eco-friendly:

Taking into consideration its feature os reusability you do not have to stock up on multiple face masks anymore. Neither will you spread the dirt around by disposing of the face mask after every single use. You become a responsible citizen of the environment when you use a non-disposable face mask. It’s an absolutely eco-friendly choice.

An Economical Choice:

This mask type is undoubtedly made up of premium quality material. It is durable by nature as well. When you use a non-disposable face mask, you spend only once. Whereas in the case of disposable face masks you have to stock up on a good quantity and this choice also demands you to spend a wholesome quite often.

Cloth face masks or polyester and cotton blended face masks are satisfactorily stretchable and provoke smooth breathability. Non-disposable face masks offer its users with multiple benefits. This mask type is also available in plentiful amounts almost anywhere these days. With the demands of the current situation as you consider wearing a face choosing a reusable face mask is the most appropriate choice while you leave the medical-grade face mask options for those who need it the most.

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