Top 7 Ideas To Have A Mask Matching With Your Dress

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Government officials across countries, cities, and states have now made it mandatory for every individual to wear a face mask every time they step out in the public. Face masks have now become an essential part of our lifestyle so why not make it stylish?

Throughout the decades we have been matching our outfits to step out in our exemplary style. We are the generation of youths who are intrigued to make a style statement every now and then. Why would we let it get ruined by the introduction of face masks in our daily wear?

Let’s glam up every look of ours even today and continue looking stylish. Follow the tips below ‘On how to match your face mask with your outfit’ to look stunning every time you head out in the public:

Print On Print:

The world is in a great depression right now. Why don’t you spice things up a bit by sporting some fun prints and patterns? Don’t be afraid of playing it fun and bold. Choose from among the multiple designer face mask options available. Plenty of non-disposable face masks can be availed of that flaunt exemplary designs. These print on print styles can complement any boring outfit and make you look gorgeous additionally guaranteeing your safety like a pro.

Co-ordinating Look:

Just because you need to wear a face mask doesn’t essentially mean that you cannot look fashionable anymore. Co-ordinate your face masks with every outfit that you wear and look outstanding this season. For instance, follow the style of Britanny Xavier and their kid as they have become unstoppable in the quality of co-ordinating looks that they have been showing off. ‘Black face masks’ with some striking prints can make each look fun.

The Monochromatic Style:

The saying goes ‘less is more’ and it matches completely with the monochromatic style. Nothing looks better than matching your top, bottom, and your face mask together. Pair up your blue denim with a blue t-shirt and a peacock blue face mask and make a style statement today. You can even try out the all-white monochromatic style or the all-black style. This is a trend that never goes out of style.

Top 7 Ideas To Have A Mask Matching With Your Dress

Match It Out

Playing matchy-matchy can become this season’s trendsetter. However, do not overdo this style or the fashion police might get searching for you. Always keep in mind the focal point of your outfit and match the face mask parallelly. For example, you can go for a floral printed skirt, a solid blouse, and a floral printed designer face mask.

Color Blast:

Don’t get all sad and tense when you have nothing but a boring outfit to wear. Consider the face mask as an essential piece of accessory these days and make every look hot and happening by playing with some bold and vibrant colors. Some of the most attractive colors include hot pink, neon blues, cherry red, and the basic black and white. This style works well for both boys and girls.

Fabric Material:

Multiple fabric options are available. Whatever suits your comfort level should be preferred the most. Cloth face masks are exclusively available that feature some satisfactory user-friendly features. The other fabric that you can explore include silk, polyester, and parallel others. Make sure your choice carries the trait of good layering to offer expert protection.

Top 7 Ideas To Have A Mask Matching With Your Dress

Graphic Tee Face Masks:

If looking chic and trendy is your personal choice, then the graphic tee face mask style has been exclusively designed for you. To look cool and stylish explore Viva Care’s range of graphic tee face masks and matching ‘face mask with t-shirt’. Pair up these styles with your favorite denim bottoms and become the talk of the town.

No matter which of the above-mentioned styles you choose, matchy, print, color, or simply monochromatic, do not forget to keep it stylish. Parallelly follow the other rules of social distancing and keeping an alcohol-based sanitizer handy for all times. 

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