Top 7 Latest Style Trends Of The COVID-19 Era

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A lot of sectors and industries have been widely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. The fashion industry tops the list in this regard. The luxury style took a back seat while essentials took the front seat. Our fashion needs have changed with safety and comfort being the topmost priority in the present moment. With everything being in lockdown led to the emergence of some exceptional work from home styles. Without wasting any further time let’s discuss the top 7 latest style trends of the COVID-19 era:

  1. Comfortable Clothing Tops Everyone’s List:

Comfortable crop tops, oversized box tops, baggy pants, and all things comfortable is our new favorite style wear. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our dress-up has hugely diminished and we all have settled for whatever loose and low maintenance clothing took up our wardrobe space.  

  1. A Complementing Face Mask Can Be The Ultimate Trendsetter:

Whether you carry your phone or wallet is not important what is most important is, wear your mask whenever you are out grocery shopping or even just running the errands. A huge variety of designer face masks are available today. Pick the type that suits your personality and look outstanding in any outfit you pair it up with. 

  1. PPE Has Become So Mainstream:

PPE or simply Personal Protective Equipment was moderately demanded at the beginning of the outbreak but today its demand has increased. Wearing a PPE is now an essential fashion need. Multiple bold and color blast outfits are being made with the use of this anti-bacterial fabric and we are also encountering an increase in its demand. 

  1. The Work From Home Style:

Statistically speaking approximately 25 to 35 percent of the US work population is currently working from home. Similarly, the demand for comfortable home wear has drastically increased. A few of the most demanded work from home styles include casual wear, oversized clothing, non-wired underwear, house shoes, and easy to wash fabrics.  

  1. Eye Make-Up Has Beaten Lip Make-Up:

Since the coronavirus hit the town, each one of our makeup routines has taken a back seat. Why would we need to wear makeup if are going to spend all the time at home? Occasions such as work calls or only when we head we apply makeup and with the face mask being a mandatory part of our lives wearing lipstick has become pointless. However, you can still turn heads by flaunting that dramatic eye makeup.    

  1. Heels Are No More To Be:

Why would anyone want to hurt their feet by wearing those strappy heels when we are going to stay at home? When confined to the indoors we ladies want our feet to feel relaxed. Our top quarantine favorites include crocs, slippers, flipflops, sliders, and parallel others. For now, we are letting those heels get some dust on them. 

  1. The Return Of Minimalism: 

Luxury has taken a back seat and minimalism has been the top trend since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. With jobs at stake and the economy falling the flash in the pan trends is now posing to be the less reliant option. Today everyone is dressing simpler and aesthetically minimal. Sustainability is however topping the list these days.

Shop online for your comfort-wear or buy matching T-shirt and face mask combos from Viva Care. This is your time to not feel the pressure of fashion trends and to relax and chill at home. Reshuffle and give your fashion wardrobe a new trendy outlook featuring some vibrant colors, comfortable fittings, pajamas, and flip flops. And in the process, let’s hope that our Earth may get healed as soon as possible and we get to relive our normal lifestyle. 

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