Top 7 Masking Process For Your Outfit

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We all desperately want to flatten the curve and halt the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Most countries today have made it compulsory to wear a face mask whenever you are out on the streets or in the public. Maintaining social distancing and carrying an alcohol-based hand sanitizer also count in our daily essentials these days.

Almost every individual is getting used to the concept of wearing a face mask. Parallelly multiple effective face mask alternatives are also setting the trend. All the alternatives have been medically approved and they offer quality protection against the coronavirus restrictions.

Top 7 Masking Process For Your Outfit

Let’s discuss the top 7 maskings for your outfit:

Face Shields:

Face shields have been trending for quite some time now. They are medically approved and is widely used in the healthcare department. Nowadays, medical experts also recommend its usage during this current coronavirus situation. It is long enough to cover your entire face. The headband is comfortable enough to be worn all day long.

The Sock Face Mask:

You can learn almost anything from the internet. Similarly, today a good number of DIY videos are available on the internet that teaches you how you can make a face mask from a new or old sock. This face mask is as good as any ‘face mask with filter’. You can unleash your creativity here and flaunt your designer skills by giving your sock mask a trendy look.

Old T-Shirt Face Mask:

Just like the sock mask, today millions of videos can be availed on the internet through which you can effortlessly learn how to make a designer face mask with the use of an old t-shirt. You can add as many layers as you want. Those old and cool graphic tee can be used to make some of the most trendy looking face masks. Sport this face mask and give any boring outfit a fun look.

Scarves And Bandanas:

Bandanas are multifunctional. You can use it as a head wrap and also use it as a protective face mask. A huge variety of impressive designers and color blast bandanas are available. Scarves, on the other hand, can be personally designed as per your preference. Twist it, turn it, or style it just the way you want to. Multiple attractive scarves in a variety of patterns and prints are available. These two options offer efficient protection and jointly enable you to flaunt your exemplary taste in fashion. It serves as an immediate alternative to cloth face masks.

Top 7 Masking Process For Your Outfit

Home Made Masks:

Yes, you read that right. You can actually craft out your own face mask. Here is your chance to unleash your creative skills to carve out that unique face mask piece. This is a budget-friendly option that dually allows you to flaunt your exceptional style. When you make your own designer face mask at home, you can add as many layers you want. You can even add pockets to customize your filter type from time to time.

Medical Face Mask:

What was earlier used only by the experts of the health care department is now being widely used by the common individuals to efficiently protect themselves from the deadly coronavirus. It is disposable and can be easily availed of from any medical store. Medical face masks guarantee great safety and protection from all sorts of harmful external agents.

Non-medical Face Masks:

Face masks of different fabrics, DIY face masks, cloth face masks with respiratory valve, and face shields fall under this category. Medical experts have claimed that these mask types are very comfortable to be worn all throughout the day. They also provide exceptional protection. The CDC and the WHO have stated that individuals who are not directly involved with the medical department can use these face mask types without any doubt.

Face masks and their good alternatives can be availed of almost anywhere. However, before you make the final purchase, take into consideration its features and their effectiveness towards protecting you from harmful bacterias, viruses, water droplets, and other airborne diseases.



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