Top 7 Ways To Get Your Child Comfortable With Face Masks

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The lockdown has been uplifted and our lives have taken a normal turn, but the new normal is a lot different than the one we had a few months earlier. Yes, the new normal includes us following some mandatory rules. These include us maintaining social distance and carrying a handy hand sanitizer for all times’ sake. The most crucial of all demands us to wear a face mask every time we step out in the public. Our children are also required to follow the same rule. Being a parent the next question that triggers your mind is ‘How do I make my kid feel comfortable with wearing a face mask?’ Well, don’t worry, as you are the right place and I am going to discuss this concern of yours in detail today. Let’s get started…

  1. Make Them Understand The Importance Of Wearing A Face Mask:

Making your kid understand the importance of wearing a mask is the first and the most important step in the process. We all are aware of the fact of how stubborn our kids can be. Sit with them and help them to understand how a mask can prevent the germs from getting inside their body. Explain to them their body works and how important it is to sport a ‘face mask with filter’ whenever they are outside home. 

  1. Validate Their Feelings:

Kids just want things their own way and do what they want to do. It is very common for them to get frustrated just at the thought of wearing a face covering or a kid’s face mask. The best policy here would be to hear their opinion and validate their feelings. Do not give them a deaf ear. Once they are done clear their misconceptions and help them and make them understand that in this current situation it is their sole responsibility to wear a face mask.   

  1. Make It Fun:

To this date, plenty of toddler face masks are sold almost everywhere. Pick up some of the most amazing kid-friendly patterns and fun options available. Cloth face masks imprinted with your child’s favorite character are available. Some very attractive Disney face masks and superhero face masks are also easily available. Choose whatever gets your kid excited to sport the look. 

  1. Allow Them To Personalize It:

Yes, let them have their freedom. Allow them to custom their own face mask. Let them get creative. Encourage them when they add bold colors to their look or chooses a trendy look by adding some fun stickers. This act will make them feel like they have more control over the mask and they will eventually get comfortable wearing that cute face mask.  

  1. Button It Up:

Your kids’ skin is extremely soft and sensible in nature. Those loops and tie-up patterns might not be the ideal choice for them and they might start complaining about it. Stitch some buttons on their headbands or caps and loop the elastic around there. This won’t hurt your kid anymore and additionally, the mask gets to stay in its place as well.  

  1. Reward Them:

Be a positive source of reinforcement. Shower them with praises or reward them every single time they wear the face mask. This will get them excited and feel appreciated at the same time. Now they won’t get annoyed but would rather enjoy wearing that custom face mask

  1.  Be Patient: 

Play games that include them wearing a mask. Such as a nurse, doctor, or chemist. Be patient with them as these little sweethearts take time to adjust and understand the crisis that we are going through right now. Let’s be patient while our loved small ones adjust themselves to the new normal

I would like to end on terms that some individuals including our kids might not find this adjustment in their favor. I hope the above-mentioned tips be of good help to you. If all fails, consult your child’s personal healthcare or therapist to make good amends.  

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